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We have so much confidence in our quality of product and services that your lashes will last 3-5 weeks!

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We provide an outstanding rank of quality in the appliance and use finest products to achieve beautiful, enduring results.

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Our Eyelash extensions will not only save the time of putting on makeup, it will also save the time needed for removing your makeup.

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My first time getting an eyelash extension here, and ive become sooooo addicted to it. I already done it twice ever since they opened and im definitely going back for my next retouch. Everybody was super friendly and due to having korean background, THEY ARE SKILLED. Trust my words, you will not regret having from them. They are sooo professional, and i still have my eyelashes all fresh and new. Ill definitely come again in near future
Jinah C.
I've been getting lashes for several years. My usual technician has been MIA for several months. Got an invite to try this new establishment. Went last night. I am over the moon with the results.!! The place itself is cute and the people welcoming. The woman who did my lashes is excellent. I got the C Curl better silk lengths 11 and 12. She prepped my lids in a way that had been missing at other places. Then used an eye mask. Placed each lash with precision. It took about 80 minutes to place 170 lashes in each eye. I'm used to waking morning after my appointment with some lashes on my check. This morning there were none!! My lashes look fabulous. Got a foot mask for free too. I've no doubt I will return for follow ups. Try this place. It's the real deal.
Audrey L.
My second time visiting extend eyelashes. I got J curl last time because I wanted natural look, but I decided to try something new this time. I got mine in Premium silk C curl, technicians recommended for me. Results came out great, and they gave me a free coating service for my lashes!! It was a relaxing session, their foot massage service felt so nice too. Definitely coming back again for the new style.
Kim H.
I came here on the recommendation from a friend. I've gotten my eyelashes done a few times in the past but this place was extra luxurious. The salon is new and clean (very important). The staff was friendly. The beds were heated and comfortable for the hour long session. My eyelash stylist took her time and explained the different types of lashes, lengths, and fullness. I went with the J curl because it looked more natural then the longer C curl. Overall great experience. I love my new lashes and would definitely come back again!
Christina R.
I got my lashes yesterday and I must say very pleased! The location is very convenient for me, right by Penn Station. The salon itself is very nice. I was greeted with a smile. After filling out the forms I was recommended to get the eye patch, which is basically what they put under your eyes while the procedure, instead of just putting tape which can hurt your skin, as it's very delicate around that eye area. I am glad I got the patch and for $10 it was worth it. And it smelled like peaches :-) I had Gianna do it for me. The bed you lay on is heated, which is awesome and you get a complimentary foot massage at the beginning. My appointment was for 6:30pm though I got there a little early and they took me right in. I was done a little before 8pm. My lashes came out fantastic. I had all my friends complement on it how natural it looks. So yes, I highly recommend this place!
Evelyn T.
Best eyelash extensions:) I love here. Staff is very nice and they have wonderful technique!!
Yuriko K.
I got my first eyelash extensions here and they did an excellent job. The girl that did my lashes was Jane. She was recommending me what i should do and what would look on me since its my first time. The receptionists are very knowledgeable and professional in explaining to you how it works. Theyre very patient. Overall the experience was great. Amazing service and place. Beautiful interior.
Catherine Y.
I love their technique and how it's so different from all the other lashes I had done by others! My experience with extend lashes compared to others is a big difference! These lashes lasted so much longer than the others, especially in this allergy season where I can't help but rub my eyes! Yes.. I can't help but tug on my lashes but even if I did that, I STILL HAD A LOT OF LASHES ON! It looks extremely natural when I was at my 5-7 week, people thought I was using Latisse! I shower in them and everything! I didn't have that extremely heavy feel or see them in my eyesight! I absolutely love their work! I rather work with someone who can work with what I want, not just do some crap job and tell me "ok done, it'll be $$$" not even seeing if I'm satisfied!!
Kimmie L.
Super natural effect with free foot massage in a very good price. Highly recommended.
Jennifer L.
First off, I wish there was an option for a 4.5 rating. This place is very clean, and peaceful, despite being in Midtown West and on the second floor. This was my first time getting extensions and it went very well. The only issue I had was there was a couple of times that the lashes being applied poked at my skin when she was applying them. Also, when she was fixing some of them at the end she pulled out one of my lashes in the inner corner. No big deal but was a bit shocking... The foot massage was like a dream too! I will be going back for maintenance for sure
Bailey J.
The interior was beautiful and luxurious. Staff were nice and kind :) I got my eye lashes done many times before but this place is the best in Ny. The technician was really good that I even fell asleep lol Now I only have to put eye liner under my eyes and I still look okay!!!
Sunhee L.
As a former lash extension addict, I was excited to try this place out. When I first walked in the building, it didn't seem very impressive but my opinion definitely change once I walked into Extend lashes. The decor and tranquil music playing immediately put me at ease. I was greeted and led to a very plush seating area where they show you the lash menu lol and you can pick the length, thickness and curl of your lashes. The person who was going helping me decide had very nice lashes so I just copied and went with what she had, she was also extremely nice and friendly. I was asked if I wanted the complimentary foot massage while I got my lashes done and of course I said yes! The foot massage was Amazing!! She massaged my feet for quite a while and applied a hot towel that felt great. If you've never had lash extensions done before, the process may seem a bit weird and mysterious. You're laying there with your eyes closed for quite a while while someone attaches lashes to you. As usual I don't remember the name of the person who did my lashes but she had the most gentle hands ever! I barely felt her hands as she worked on my lashes. After about an hour I was done and had the most luscious long lashes ever! I got the longest available so the results were very obvious, if you're looking for a more natural look let them know so they can give you shorter lashes. I'm very happy with how lashes came out, they make my eyes look bigger and I look wide awake no matter how tired I am. If you are like me and don't enjoy putting on makeup but want to look put together without effort, you should try lash extensions. Be aware that they are addictive!
Elianny S.
Glue/chemicals they used stung my eyes the entire time and it still hurts. This place is not safe and is not applying correctly. I don't think everyone there is properly trained. I've been to plenty of eyelash extension places and this is one of the worse experiences. I felt like I might've gone blind.
Holly M.
Relaxing atmosphere. Heated and comfortable beds. (Almost fell asleep.) Excellent customer service. Convenient location (literally a block away from penn station & subways). Hot towels, water, and lindt chocolate. Best foot massage ever. (No joke.) Experienced, friendly and professional staff. Great natural looking lashes. What more could you ask for?!?
Lucille L.
Just got my eyelashes done and I love it! The technician was so gentle, and I did not feel any discomfort. (Got mine done by Minki. He was very nice and did amazing job!) The place is so clean, and had relaxing music. All worker there was very welcoming. The lady with long hair, (maybe she is a manager? ) she knows exactly what you will look good with. She recommended JC curl with 2.0mm for my eyes and I went with everything she said and came out great! So glad I did JC curl, cuz I feel like C would've been a bit too crazy for my eyes. I am so happy that I can now walk outside with no make up on! Definitely coming back!
Hikaru K.
This place is A+!! I walked in and was greeted with a warm welcome. The manager came and explained every step to me and also made sure I was comfortable since it's my first time. She helped me decide what would look good and natural on me. A warm hand towel was given to clean my hands and the eyelash technician came over and greeted me. And get this, they give complimentary foot massages!! The eyelash technicians are gentle and makes sure our expectations are reached. I'm all for good customer service. The place is quiet and comfortable. I also love the interior designing and the layout! But be careful, since this place is located on the 2nd floor, it's easy to miss so look out. Overall, I would definitely return and get my lashes done again!
Jiayu Z.
I was a little skeptical when I initially decided to try Extend as it was new and I did not want to be disappointed. Luckily I was beyond pleased and loved the service! The atmosphere was very peaceful and the staff was extremely accommodating and thoughtful. I had my lashes done as well as a foot massage at the same time and I was beyond relaxed. I have had my lashes for about a week and usually I would have lost quite a few lashes, and not the proper way. With these Extend lashes I have had a swimming lesson, walked in the rain, and have not been the most gentle in general and still have not lost any lashes. I only lost 3 but they did not count because it was actually my natural lashes shedding which is supposed to be the proper way for the lashes to fall out. Overall I am extremely pleased by Extend and their services. I would also recommend the coating because i think that may have helped to make my lashes indestructible.
Jacquelyn R.
I recently tried their services and was extremely impressed. They are located in a walk up office on seventh avenue very close to Madison Square Garden. Once you arrive you will need to ring a bell for entrance and walk up one flight of stairs. I was immediately greeted before I could reach the top of the steps.Once I entered their offices I honestly could not believe how beautiful the place was. I have been to several eyelash extension company offices and they are all very plain. From the outside I would have never guessed how nice the décor would be inside. Once I walked through the doors I was asked to fill out a brief form and then I was given a brief consultation about the style and length of the lashes I wanted. I was also given the option of using plain tape to hold down my lower lashes or under eye pads. I had plain tape used on me at other lash company's in the past so I chose the eye pads because I felt that they would be more comfortable. Once I clarified my choices I was escorted over to the technician who would be installing the lash extensions and promptly introduced (but I have forgotten her name-sorry). Once the lash extension process was started I was also given what felt like a paraffin foot treatment (I could be wrong - my eyes were closed) which was followed by a great foot massage. The bed was so comfortable I fell asleep during the process LOL. The beds are heated so snoozing is easy. I was impressed and pleased with the finished look because they were exactly what I had asked for. I got so many compliments on my lashes that a future return is definite.
Celeste B.
I am always skeptical of businesses with all 5 star reviews. I assume it's written by friends of the owner. Skepticism aside, I decided to give Extend Eyelash a shot. They are offering a 30% discount for first time customers. I was surprised by the decor, very serene and calming. They just opened so everything look clean and new, huge plus the bathroom was so clean. Upon arrival they have you fill out a short form, informing you of the hazards related to eyelash glue and how it can cause some people irritation. This is my first time getting extensions and I have sensitive skin so I was worried my skin would react to the glue. They assured me they would test it and know how to handle the situation. After they walked me through all the options, I went with the 100-lash Silk Premium eyelashes for $140 (+30% off). I wanted a natural look so they helped me choose 0.15 thickness, JC curl, mix eyelashes. I have typical small Asian eyes so they suggested 10-11 length. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete the procedure and comes with a complimentary foot massage!! Woot! Big plus. The verdict - I love my lashes!!! I never want them to fall off. I never realized how important eyelashes were till now. I won't look like a boy if I don't wear makeup now :) Tip - Make sure you use the bathroom and take care of any business prior to lying down. Once you lie down, your eyes are taped shut for the entirety of the procedure. And bring cash for tip!
Julia Z.



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